Invitation to participate in Cultural Programs for the 25th year Anniversary

The preparations for the 25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) Mega Celebrations are in full swing. The JCSC is the first and only Jain Center across US and Canada to celebrate 25th anniversary. The outstanding success and existence of the JCSC for the past 25 years is a direct result of active participation and support by the JCSC members.

The Cultural committee has started to prepare for the cultural program. What a better way to celebrate and present the success of the JCSC during past 25 years than to develop and orchestrate the Cultural program/s with the sole participation by the JCSC members? We all know very well that “JCSC got Talents”. The Cultural Committee, therefore, is very excited to plan out exceptional program/s with the JCSC members’ support as a result of extremely successful our numerous past cultural programs.

Since this is the celebration of (LAST 25 YEARS) of the JCSC, we would like to see a broad representation of our community members in the programs. We are inviting all members, young and old, to take part in this event.

Please register to participate and we will find a part for you.
Date: January 20, 2013
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Where: In front of the wooden temple
Eligible participants: 5 years and up

Since January 20th is a Sunday and it is a regular Pathshala day, many members will be coming to the Center. If you cannot make it to the Jain Center that day, please have a friend or a family member register on your behalf. Parents can sign up on behalf of the younger members. Registration forms will be available for completion on that day.

Please do not miss out on a great opportunity to show your talents and skills to help celebrate the 25th year anniversary in a GRAND WAY!

JCSC is counting on you!

If you have any questions, please contact any one of the following members:

Prafulla Shah: 1-562-691-6623
Hasendra Shah: 1-562-404-2851
(Cultural Committee Coordinators)

January Navakar Shibir will have a Summary of October Shibir

There is only one week left for our January 26-27 Navakar Shibir, and we want to share good news with you all. We have prepared a summary (સાર) of Navakar Shibir held on October 20, 2012 (about 10 minutes video). We will be presenting this video at main hall of Jain center at 9 am prior to starting of our Shibir at 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. We will repeat this video during during the breaks. This short video has a background audio of Navakar Mantra and the video part shows the Gujarati text summary of October Navakar Shibir. We invite all of you to take advantage of this summary video. We feel you will enjoy it and benefit from it.

JCSC Anniversary Celebration on 18th & 19th May, 2013.

On 18th afternoon 18 Abhisheks Pujan for all Bhagvans, Dev-Devis, Aadinath Pagla & Guru Bhagvants will be conducted by Shri Ashokbhai Sanghvi and on 19th,morning Sattarbhedi puja with Dhwaja installation & Aangi installation will be conducted by Shri Nayanbhai Sanghvi.

It will be a pleasurable occasion to install silver Aangi & Mugats for Aadinath,

Parswnath, Shantinath & Mahavirswami Bhagvans at the time of Aabhushan Puja on Sun May 19, morning, during JCSC Anniversary celebration.

The beneficiaries with family are invited for installation of Aangi & Mugats.

Varshitap Parna on 13th May, 2013.

Varshitap Parna on 13th May, 2013.

We will have Varshitap Parna on Vaishakh Sud 3, Akhatrij-Monday, and May 13th, 2013.

All Tapsavis who are doing Varshitap or Varshik Tap are invited by the JCSC BOD, EC and the Community Members to come to JCSC for Parna.

We will celebrate Parna as follows:

08 AM- 10 AM Navkar Mantra Jaap and Snatrapuja.
10 AM onwards Varshitap parna with Ikshu ras (sugar-cane juice) followed by Bhatu

Please send your name, phone number, and e-mail address to the following contact.
This is the auspicious day when Shree Rushabhdev Bhagavan did parna with Ikshu ras
(Sugar cane juice) after his year round fasting.

The following sponsorship is available:
For Ikshu Ras (Sugar-cane Juice) $ 501.
For Bhatu for community members $ 751.

Please contact: Hemendra Doshi at (562) 809-6066 or

Dress Code Jain Center of Southern California

  • No halters tops, no hot pants, and no see through clothing,
  • All clothing should be well below the knees. Bermuda Shorts or any other kind of shorts, Capri & Skirts just barely covering the knees are not desired.
  • Clothing should not be Sleeveless, Skin-tight, or low waist.
  • It is suggested not to wear Black Colored clothes while visiting JCSC temple.
  • We do not allow leather items in our temple sanctity including shoes, leather belt etc. No shoes up stairs in our temple area. Shoes have to be removed down stairs. Other leather items-wallet, belt, purse etc can be left out the glass doors of the sanctity.
  • No food or drinks upstairs
  • The ladies in menstrual cycle should not come to the temple until few days (2 to 3) after their cycle is over.