Logassa Challenge

You are invited to take part in the community Logassa Challenge!


Next to the Navkaar Mantra, the Logassa Sutra is the most widely used sutra in Jain prayers. It is a poem that praises the virtues of the Tirthankars and expresses our desire to be like them. You may already know how to say the Logassa sutra in its entirety or you may know some of it but need to practice a little to be able to recite it.

Either way, here is your chance to take another step towards your spiritual journey and also benefit the Jain Center. The sutra is only 14 lines long, so come and recite the Logassa sutra and you will be able to win a donation of $10 for the Jain Center. All you have to do is to recite it to one of the Sutra teachers, headed up by Savitaben Mehta. You will also find several audio and visual tools that will make learning the sutra easy and fun. Learn on your own or practice with a friend.

Whether you come to the Jain Center for pathshala or swadhyay, whether you are a member of JAYA, the Senior group, Mahila Mandal, the EC or BoD, everyone can be part of this community-wide challenge.

Each person that completes the challenge can nominate three others to do the same. Between November and June 2015, we are targeting 1500 members to take the challenge to raise $15,000 for the Jain Center.

If you are inspired to support those taking the challenge, we invite you to sponsor the participants as a way to encourage the spiritual community event. Please contact Gaurav Shah if you would like to Sponsor the event.


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