Mahavir Mahila Mandal

The Mahavir Mahila Mandal group was formed by the Honorable Vasantben in 1993, to date the group has grown to over 65 members and continues to grow every year.

Those involved regularly meet to practice religious prayers at the Jain Center and at homes of those within the Sangh. The Mahavir Mahila Mandal leads and participates various rituals such as Dharmik Pujan, Ekashana, Snatra Puja, and Vastu Puja. Please contact Padmaben if you would like to hold a Puja at JCSC or at your home for various auspicious events.

Men and women are welcome to join the Mahavir Mahila Mandal.

Contact Person:
Padmaben Shah
H: 562-451-3624