Past Events

Building Expansion

Building Expansion


Bhumi Pujan

On Monday, February 18, 2002 at 12:39 PM, our Jain Center embarked on a very ambitious Expansion Project. Bhumi Pujan (Ground Breaking) ceremony was performed in presence of almost 800 members and dignitaries. Some of the invited guests included the Mayor of Buena Park, members of the Planning Commission of City of Buena Park and Candidate for the State Assembly from Artesia. Also in attendance were consultants who have been working on this project namely Mr. Arun Phadnis, Jitu Mehta and Vaikunth Patel.

The Expansion Project, when completed will be a center of pilgrimage for the Jains from all around the world. We expect our new center to be an attraction for non-Jains alike. People from everywhere will visit our temple, just like we visit various religious places in India. This will be a center where our children and their children will learn, practice and promote essence of Jainism.

Bhumi Pujan ceremony started with Snatra Pooja followed by a warm welcome by the President, Dr. Nitin Shah and by Former President Mr. Sumati Shah. Mr. Chandrakant Parekh, who was deeply involved in the construction of the present temple from its inception, took us down memory lane and presented how far we have arrived in last 14 years. Thereafter, Mr. Mahendra Desai presented details of the new building including the blueprints, artist's renderings, architectural details, and size.

Mr. Chandrakant Mehta, a Jain scholar and a retired engineer from New Jersey, gave a very emotional and motivational speech for supporting the Expansion Project. He wished us well for the timely completion of such an important project.

The Mayor of Buena Park, Ms. Patsy Marshall, gave a very warm speech and presented a Certificate of Congratulations to Mr. Sumati Shah and a "Key" to the City Hall to Dr. Nitin Shah on behalf of the Jain Center. Ms. Marshall cheered us by saying "Jai Jinendra" and at that moment the entire audience knew that we would always have her support for this worthy cause.

Around noon, 108 girls and women carrying beautiful "Kumbh" led a colorful procession from the temple to the adjacent lot to begin the Bhumi Pujan Ceremony. During the procession everyone chanted Navkar Mantra and other religious prayers.

Mr. Chandrakant Mehta and Mrs. Pravina Mehta conducted the elaborate Bhumi Pujan vidhi, which included purification in ten directions, invitation to nine Grahas and a prayer to Ashtamangal.

The Bhumi Pujan vidhi was performed by the family members of Mr. Shashikant & Renuka Jogani, Mr. Nilesh & Krina Shah and Mr. Rajesh & Neeta Shah. After the Bhumi was blessed and purified, at exactly 12:39 PM, the groundbreaking took place signifying a start of the new dimension for our Jain Center. Several members sang devotional songs and stavans during the ceremony. Bhumi Pujan was followed by a Swamivatsaly lunch, sponsored by the same three families who performed the Bhumi Pujan ceremony.

The Board of Directors of the Jain Center would like to thank all the people who participated in this event and made it successful. Many people worked very hard to prepare for this event including but not limited to decorating the Temple, preparing all the Kumbhs, inviting dignitaries and the list goes on.

The enormous task of building the new center has just begun. Each and every member of the Jain Community is requested to support this Expansion Project by donating their time, money and energy.  We all are counting on your continued support. We all can be proud of the legacy that we will leave behind.


Shila Sthapan – 2006

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Beam Ceremony – 2007

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Pratishtha - 2008

Pratishtha Pratishtha

With the blessings of the Dev Gurus, Jain Center of Southern California is pleased to announce the Pratishtha Mahotsav for the inaugration of the new Derasar / Temple and Aradhana Hall, in the city of Buena Park, California.

An Eleven Day celebration has been planned with major highlights as below:

  • Celebrations will begin on Friday, September 26, 2008 with Lighting of Lamps (Divo).
  • The Pratishtha of the Pratimajis will be performed on Sunday October 5, 2008.
  • Dwar Opening for Jinalaya will be on Monday, October 6, 2008.

This is an unparalleled holy event for the Jains

  • 37 Pratimajis of Tirthankars,
  • 2 Guru Pratimajis and
  • 8 Adhisthayak Dev-Devi Pratimajis
  • Aradhana Hall, a facility solely dedicated for religios and spiritual programs, will also be inaugrated during these celebrations.

All the Pratimajis will be installed in a newly built Jinalaya. The Jinalaya reflects the architectural elements of the famous Dilwara and Ranakpur temples in India.

We are delighted to invite all of the community, here in Los Angeles, in USA, in whole of North America and whole of the World, to participate in one of the most joyous and memorable milestone in our history. The auspicious celebrations and ceremonies will be graced with the prescence of spiritual leaders, scholars, dignitaries and community members.

Daily Program details for all 10 days

A very detailed 10 day program has been set up to celebrate the Pratishtha for the new temple and the Aradhana Hall. Dome of the main highlights of the program are:

  • Prabhatia / Usha Bhakti on all days.
  • Various unique Pujas every day
  • Dignitaries lectures on all days
  • Aarti & Mangal Divo followed by Bhagwan Kalyanak.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Raas Garba
  • Cultural program

Hotels and Shuttle Transportation

Jain Center has worked hard with some of the local hotels, which are quite near to the temple and can provide a comfortable stay.

For your convenience, we have provided a complete hotel list, with preferred daily room rates, distances and maps, contact names and phone numbers of each hotel. The list will also give the information about shuttle transportation provided by the Jain Center Transportation sub-committee.

Pledges And Details

There are a lot of opportunities for all the members of the community, in Southern California and the rest of the world, to pledge for various opportunities available. The religious complex (the new temple), the cultural complex and the Pathshala comples (Post Office building) have a lot of opportunities availble for pledges.

Sub Committees and Volunteer opportunities

A big event like the Pratishtha cannot be managed and executed unless there is a well laid out plan to organize the event with the help of various event management sub-committees and all the volumteers who make the whole event knit together. These are the people who work hard a long before the actual Pratishtha and plan for various aspects of the Pratishtha, like puja, procession, cultural program, food, transportation, etc.

Sponsorship Summaries

Every big event, of the order of the Pratishtha, needs a lot of finances. Jain Center has come up with various levels and type of sponsorship opportunities, so that the community can participate in each activity and also contribute towards the financial needs of the temple.


25th Anniversary

With great enthusiasm, the Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) celebrated the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Jinalaya from June 27-30, 2013. Jains of Southern California built the first Jinalaya in Buena Park, CA and the first in North America. JCSC installed (Pratishtha of) Mulnayak Mahavirswami and two idols in 1988. Jains and Jainism achieved tremendous success in propagating Mahavirswami's message since opening of the temple. Jinalaya is the heart and soul of the Jain Center of Southern California and has become a torchbearer of Jainism in the western part of the world.

JCSC 25th anniversary photos are available to view online. Please click on the album link below to view the photos.