Snack Menu and Duty

JCYC Snack Menu

You may pick items from any ONE line to serve after the Pathshala classes at the Jain Center. We also show an alternate Healthy Menu and we request that you incorporate this in your menu for the day.

Please note that this menu has been Prepared by the JCYC Committee and approved by Jain Center.


Regular Menu

Alternate Healthy Menu
  Puri, Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Kachori, Rasmalai
Roti, Brown Rice, Dal, Dhokla, Mixed Veg with less oil, Greek Yogurt
  Chole, Puri, Kadhi, Rice, Mohanthal
Chole, Roti, Kadhi, Brown Rice, Dates Rolls
  Puri, Rice, Dal, Undhiyu, Bundi
Roti, Brown Rice, Mung Dal, Tofu with mix veg, Fruit Parfait (Mixed fruits with nuts and Greek Yogurt)
  Chow Mein, Manchurian, Chinese Rice, Corn soup, Kaju Katali
Chow mein with Wheat Noodles, Brown Chinese rice, corn Soup, Cherry Almond power bar
  Puri, Rice, Mag, Kadhi, Gulab Jamun
Roti or Thepla made out with Tofu (Instead of oil), Brown Rice, Mung, Chaach(Butter Milk), Quinoa Crunch (Sweet)
  Bhel Puri
Bhel with Quenoa and Mamra and other ingredients except Sev and Fried Puris
  Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji (Brown Buns/Pav and Less Oil/Butter)
  Idli Sambhar
Idli Sambhar with less Oil in Sambhar

Food prepared at the Jain Center contains various tupes of Nuts and milk products.    


Snack Duty

Once a year, each family is expected to participate in providing Snack to the children and all others at the Jain Center on a Pathshala Sunday. As there are so many families, we combine between 15 to 20 families to participate in the activity - which involves preparing for the afternoon snacks, preparing the eating area, serving food and then winding up after the food is served.

There are JCYC approved snack menu (which follows Jain food requirements) which all groups need to follow. You would need to sign up with the Snack Coordinator - Ramila Shah at the beginning of the session. If you know of any friends then you can be part of that group, or else we can assign you to a group.

Some groups prefer to prepare food at the Jain Center, while some prefer to get it catered. 

Dates for 2016-2017:
September 2016 – 25
October 2016 – 2 (*), 9 (*), 16 (*)
Back to Pathshala – Oct 9 (Religion), 16 (Language), 2016
November 2016 – 6 (*), 13 (*), 20 (*,**)
December 2016 – 4

January 2017 – 8, 22
Feburary 2017 – 5, 19
March 2017 – 5, 26
April 2017 – 2, 16, 30
May 2017 – 7, 21 (**)
June 2017 – 4, 11 (*)

(*) - Class is doubled up.
(**) - Classes start at 8:40AM

Winter Camp – Dec 30, 31, 2016, Jan 1, 2 2017 
Mahavir Janam Kalyanak – Apr 9, 2017
Open House for Parents – Along with MJK-2017
Forum (Kids) – Jan 22,
Forum (Adults) – Feb 5, 2017
Graduation Garba – Sat June 10, 2017