Special Announcements

No Food Served after Sunset (No Ratri Bhojan) at Jain Center

We, Jains, have an obligation NOT TO SERVE FOOD after sunset as per our religious beliefs.

We humbly request your understanding and cooperation to help us comply with Jainism belief and requirement within our temple. Please help us observe our religious requirement during each of our major events.

Email Problems?
A general query which we have received from a lot of members is that they do not receive (or have stopped receiving) the JCSC group emails and so they get out of touch of the events happening at the Jain Center.

Various mail services have a very strict spam policy. Unless the sender’s email address is in your contacts list, the emails coming in will be delivered to the Junk Mail folder or Bulk Mail folder or will not be delivered at all, depending on your junk mail settings.

To ensure that you receive JCSC emails regularly and properly, please make sure that the following email addresses are in your contacts list:

If you still face problems with not receiving the emails, then check up your junk mail settings under Preferences / Settings. Also, check your blocked senders list and spam inbox.