Swadhyays & Lectures

We are most fortunate to be blessed with very learned and dedicated swadhyay leaders at our Jain Center.

They meticulously teach the message of Mahavir Bhagwan. Swadhyay Leaders are:

  • Shri Girishbhai Shah
  • Shri Hasendrabhai Shah
  • Shri Rameshbhai Khandhar
  • Shri Rajnibhai Mody
  • Shri Pravinbhai Mehta
  • Mrs. Pallavi Gala

These swadhyay leaders have many years of experience. They love to teach and answer questions. We get the benefit of their dharmik (religious) wisdom in the swadhyays. Because of this live interaction, swadhyays are considered to be the best form of sadhana (spiritual pursuit).

The swadhyay is usually based on a book written by a Jain Acharya, or scholar. Some of these books include Adhyatmsaar, Nav Tatva, Samaysaar, Sadhana Path, Mokshamala, etc. This serious study is intended to bring about internal changes. Applying this knowledge to our behavior, results in positive inner transformation. Jain rituals are more meaningful when practiced with a proper understanding gained during swadhyays.

Swadhyays are held on Monday through Thursday evenings and on Sunday mornings. Web broadcasting and phone conferencing are available. Additionally, audio/video recordings of swadhyays are available for reference.

To allow more and more people to take advantage of these lectures, we broadcast these swadhyays and lectures live via our Youtube Channel  and store previously recorded lectures as well. Please click here to watch these lectures.