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Chaitya Paripati September 11, 2022 arranged by Jain Senior Association

After the eight days of Paryushan Parva, Jains visit five Derasars as Shravak/Shravika’s traditional duty. At Sothern California, Jain Center Senior Association, JCSA has been arranging this annual activity for many years by visiting five Shravak’s homes in S. California and performing Chaitya vandan at each house. This year also, under the leadership of JSA president Mr. Harkishanbhai Vasa, this program was arranged on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

There were about 56 JCSA members ( Paid $30 each to cover the bus expenses) participated for this event at 8 AM on Sunday, September 11, 2022, starting from Jain center of S California at Buena Park, Ca in a bus.


We had prepared 5 special baskets containing various religious items provided by Dr. Mahendrabhai Shah of Jain Center. The baskets were wrapped in different color clothes representing Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyay and Sadhu. (Bhagvants). One basket was given to each of the 5 Host families when we visited them at their home.

This year, a new activity of Sanghpati with $100 donation was arranged for all five hosts. First Sanghpati was Mr Harkishan Vasa. Our first stop was at Maheshbhai and Ushaben Wadher residence in Corona, Ca. at about 9:30 am. They hosted JCSA members from bus and their invited guests by honoring each one with Challo. They arranged a nice breakfast in their back yard, followed by a Chaitya vandan at their living room. This host family was generous to donate money to Jain center. The Prabhavana was given to each JSA member, who came by bus.


Our second host family was Sanjaybhai and Minalben Shah, Corona, where all JSA bus passengers were hosted at about 11 am. Second Sanghpati was Mr. Suresh Jain. We performed Chaitya vandan at their living room. There was tea and snack served by host at their backyard. This host family was generous to donate money to Jain center. About five Jain residences of Corona also joined with host to give Prabhavana.

We travelled to third host by bus for a long 40-minute ride and Yogesh Shah of Diamond bar shared the experience of his Choumasu event at Palitana for 52 days during July-August 2022 with 800 other Sadhaks. Our next hosts were Ajaybhai and Sonalben Shah residence at Cerritos, CA. Third Sanghpati was Dhiraj and Nayna Shah. We were honored here with Host family performing Garba at their driveway and Challo to each JCSA bus passengers. The host family chanted Bhaktamar, Shanti and prayers followed by Chaitya vandan at their living room. Everyone was served with nice lunch. This host family was generous to donate money to Jain center. This host also gave the Prabhavna, and we left them at about 2:30 pm


There was a short bus ride to next host Mr Pramodbhai and Kaminiben Shah, La Mirada. Fourth Sanghpati were Anand and Khyati Shah. We performed Chaitya vandan at their living room, followed by tea / snack. This host family was generous to donate money to Jain center and to JCSA. This host also gave Prabhavna and the bus left them at about 5 pm

Our final host were Tejas and Pinkal Doshi, Cerritos, Ca. JCSA bus passengers were welcomed with challo. Fifth Sanghpati were Dinesh and Alka Shah. We performed Chaitya vandan and we were served nice dinner. The Bhakti Bhavna was performed after dinner. This host also gave the Prabhavna and donated to Jain Center we left them at about 8:30 pm. The bus went back to Jain center at Buena Park at about 9pm. Overall, this Chaitya Paripati on Sunday, September 11, 2022 was well arranged and coordinated with five hosts. The JCSA EC team planned and executed this event flawlessly to be pleasant and memorable.

Jain Center Seniors Association (JCSA) donated $303 to Jain Center from the proceeds received from Chaitya Paripati. The money will, be used by Jain Center for Dev Dravya, Gyan, and Sadharan Khatu. Next year’s Chaitya Paripati will be on October 1, 2023. Jain Center families, if any of you would like to host chaitya Paripati Sangh at your home, please contact Harkishan Vasa at 714-335-9046. We need 5 hosts. There will 60 people in bus next year. Here are pictures of the Chaitya Paripati.

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