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To enhance and further our knowledge of Jainism while living in Western traditions, we encourage all JCSC members to attend religious sessions and activities as often as possible.

We hope there is active participation in these group based religious studies and members can practice Jain principles that we learn through the various activities in their daily lives.

JCYC & JSG Pathsala / Adult Swadhyay

September 14th, 21st (*); October 5th, 26th, Back to Pathshala 12th;

Chaudas Pratikraman (Weekdays 6.30 PM Weekends 6.00 PM)

September 8th, 23rd; October 7th, 22nd;

Monthly Snatra Puja & Navkar Mantra Jaap - 9.30 AM

September 27th; October 24th;

Monthly Bhavana - 7.30 PM (Last Friday of the month)

September 26th; October 31st;

Weekly Evening Swadhyays

Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 PM to 10 PM

Tithi Program (Includes One Year and Lifetime)

Daily Asthprakari Puja - 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Aarti / Mangal Divo

8:15 PM weekdays, 7:30 PM Sat / Sun / Holidays


Daily in the morning with receipt only. Puja clothes required.

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